12.  Mental Health

Do you have any mental health needs that make parenting more difficult?  Do you need assistance accessing a counselor or medication management for emotional problems?  Do you have any mental health diagnoses?

0 –   No action needed.  I’m emotionally stable and have no mental health diagnoses.

1 –   Let’s watch/wait.  I’m recovering from some emotional problems and I am not required any medication, or I have been emotionally stable with my current medications for over a year.

2 –   Help is needed.  I have some emotional problems that sometimes make it difficult to parent.          I am not currently on medication. Medication could help me with my emotional/ mental health problems.

3 –   Help is needed now/immediately.  I am struggling to take care of my child because I am having some serious emotional problems.  I am not able to get my needed mental health medication.