19.  Sexual Abuse Status

Has the youth ever experienced sexual abuse or ever been touched on his/her private parts or made to touch other’s privates?  Has the youth ever witnessed sexual abuse, witnessed sexual activity or materials such as movies, pictures, etc., or had a sibling experience sexual abuse?

0 –   No evidence that action is needed.  There is no suspicion of any sexual abuse.

1 –   Let’s watch/wait.  Youth has been exposed to sexual material, has a sibling who has experienced sexual abuse, and/or has witnessed sexual abuse.  Youth has experienced being touched and/or has been made to touch others in the past; or there is a suspicion of this occurring.

2 –   Help is needed. Youth has experienced at least one occurrence of being sexually abused. Youth has not received any prior treatment and/or is still experiencing some difficulty because of the abuse.

3 –   Help is needed now/immediately.  Youth was severely sexually abused.  There was penetration, may have involved more than one perpetrator, and/or the sexual abuse may have caused physical harm.