20.   Physical Abuse Status

Has the youth ever been physically assaulted or abused by an adult over 18?  Has the youth been physically assaulted or abused by anyone under 18?  Has physical discipline caused bruising/abrasions/broken bones/other physical harm?

0 –   No evidence that action is needed.  Youth has never experienced any physical abuse or corporal punishment

1 –   Let’s watch/wait. Youth may have been physically abused in the past or youth has experienced corporal punishment (spankings) that have not left marks.  Corporal punishment did not include any objects (belts, switches, boards, cords, etc.)  Youth may have been threatened with physical harm without having actual harm inflicted.

2 –   Help is needed.  Youth is experiencing or has recently experienced physical punishment/abuse (hitting, punching, use of objects such as belts, cords, etc.) on one or more occasions. Youth has recently been intentionally hurt where bruises or marks were left.

3 –   Help is needed now/immediately.  Youth is experiencing physical abuse that needs medical treatment.