26.   Education

Has youth had any difficulty with getting to or staying in school?  Has the teacher or other school staff called you to talk about your youth’s behavior? How is the youth doing academically in school?  Is youth having difficulty with any subjects? Is youth at risk of failing any classes?

0 –   No evidence that action is needed.  Youth is doing well and meeting expectations at school.

1 –   Let’s Watch/Prevent.  Youth may have some difficulties with getting to school, youth is passing most classes, and/or youth may have some conflict with peers/staff.  Overall, youth is doing okay.

2 –   Help is needed.  Youth misses days at school, is doing poorly with grades/failing some subjects, and/or youth is having behavioral problems.

3 –   Help is needed now/immediately.  Youth is often truant or has dropped out of school. Youth is at risk of being expelled due to their behavior and/or being held back due to their grades.

NA – Youth has yet to begin school due to age or has graduated/received GED.