29. Mental Health

Has the youth ever been to therapy or a psychiatrist?  Has the youth ever been prescribed medicines for their mood or behavior? Is youth able to sit still for any length of time?  Does youth act depressed or irritable?  Does youth act frightened, afraid, or appear to worry a lot?  Does youth seem to have trouble controlling his/her emotions?  Does youth get upset or frustrated easily, or become physical when angry? Has youth ever talked about hearing, seeing or feeling something that others could not?

0 – No action needed. Youth is emotionally stable and has no mental health challenges.

1 -Let’s watch/wait.  Youth has mild problems with moods or emotions; or youth is recovering from some emotional problems and is not required any medication.

2 – Help is needed.  Youth has some emotional challenges or mental health diagnoses that sometimes make it difficult to function.

3 – Help is needed now/immediately.  Youth has emotional challenges or mental health disorders, and they are unable to function in most areas of their life.  Youth may require/is hospitalized for their emotional challenges.