3. Physical Condition of the Home


Is your home in need of repairs? Does your home have any safety concerns? Is your home weather-proofed (for the heat, rain or cold)? Are you aware of any housing code violations (such as lead based paint, mold, etc.)? Do you have enough space for all family members?

0 – No action needed. My home needs no repairs and there are no structural concerns. Everyone in my home has enough personal space.
1 – Let’s watch/try to prevent. I have some minor repairs to make, but it’s not much of a concern.
2 – Help is needed. I have repairs that are needed; I have some problems with vermin (mice, roaches, bedbugs, etc.) that I could use some assistance with; there are not enough appropriate places for everyone to sleep.
3 – Help is needed now/immediately. I have major repairs needed or my house is falling apart/being condemned; my home is infested with vermin; my water is unsanitary; I have exposed wires. I don’t have space for my child(ren) to sleep. My home is not safe for my children.
NA – I do not have a home at this time.