30.   Substance Use

Has youth ever used alcohol or any kind of substances/drugs?   Is youth currently using any type of alcohol or substances/drugs?  Does the youth use tobacco products?  If youth uses alcohol or any substances, what type, how often, and for how long? Does the youth’s use of substance cause any problems for him/her?  Can youth pass a drug test today

0-   No Action.  There is no evidence that youth has ever used substances.

1 –   Watch/try to prevent.  Youth has a history of substance use, or others have a suspicion that the youth uses substances.  Nicotine[AF8]  or marijuana use would be scored here.

2 –   Help is needed.  Youth actively uses alcohol or drugs, but not daily. Substance use causes some problems for the youth or others.

3 –   Help is needed now/immediately.  Youth uses alcohol and/or drugs on a daily basis.  Youth may require detoxification or is addicted to alcohol and/or drugs.