32. Runaway

Has the youth ever run away? If so, when was the last occurrence and what was the duration of the flight? Where has the youth run to?

0 – No current need; no need for action or intervention Youth has no history of running away or ideation of escaping from current living situation.

1 – Identified need requires monitoring, watchful waiting, or preventive activities Youth has no recent history of running away but has not expressed ideation about escaping current living situation. Youth may have threatened running away on one or more occasions or has a history of running away but not in the recent past.

2 – Action or intervention is required to ensure that the identified need is addressed; need is interfering with youth’s functioning. Youth has run from home once or run from one treatment setting. Also rated here is a youth who has runaway to home (parental or relative).

3 – Problems are dangerous or disabling; requires immediate and/or intensive action Youth has run from home and/or treatment settings in the recent past and present an imminent flight risk. A youth who is currently a runaway is rated here.