4. Home Maintenance

Do you have difficulty organizing your home? Do you keep your medications locked up? Is your home child-proofed? Do you need assistance cleaning?

0 – No action needed. My home is clean and organized. There are no safety concerns for my children. The medicines are safely stored from my children.
1 – Let’s watch/try to prevent. My home is cluttered or dirty from time to time. Meds and poisons are safely put away, but not locked up.
2 – Help is needed. I need help cleaning and/or organizing my home. Our medicines and cleaning supplies are up but within reach of the children. My gas, heat, or electricity does not work at times. I have too many items plugged in electrical outlets.
3 – Help is needed now/immediately. I need help making my house child-proofed. My windows need screens; I don’t have heat and/or air; I have noticed mold in my home; there are medicines and cleaning products out in the open; I am lacking beds and/or refrigerator. My home has an unidentifiable odor.
NA – I do not have a home at this time.