7. Resiliency

In the event of a crisis, is your family able to identify and use strengths to support one another? Are family members able to ‘bounce back’ after a stressful situation? What helps you cope with everyday life?

0 – No action needed. We are able to work together to overcome our challenges. This is a strength for my family.
1 – Let’s watch, try to prevent. We are able to identify our strengths, but at times we struggle with our challenges and crises. On occasion one of us used substances (beer, marijuana, pills, etc.) to get through our stress.
2 – Help is needed. We can identify our family strengths, but we have difficulty using them in a time of crisis. We use substances to help us cope with our stress at least on a weekly basis. More often than we wish, frustrations get the best of us. We have to call our counselor/case manager often for help.
3 – Help is needed now/immediately. I/we cannot handle stressful events or crises.