17.   Involvement in Caregiver Functions

How active and involved are you in your child’s daily life? Do you eat meals together, help with homework, play games, etc.?  Do you participate in activities out of the home such as attending school meetings, taking your child to the doctor when needed, attending their recreational activities, etc.?0-   No action needed.  I am fully involved as a parent.

1 –   Let’s watch/try to prevent.  I am involved with my child as much as I can.  There may be times when my job or other things (other responsibilities, lack of transportation, personal activities, stressors) interferes with the time I have with my child, but this does not occur often.  I have a history of having little involvement with my child, but it is not a current issue.

2 –   Help is needed.  I am involved with my children, but I am often distracted by other things that I have going on.   I see the children daily, but we both stay busy.

3 –   Help needed now/immediately.  I am not actively involved with my children.  My children go about their business and I go about mine.  I do not have daily contact with them.  I am unable to have daily interactions due to other responsibilities, stressors, etc.