24.   Witness to Family, School or Community Violence

Has youth witnessed threats of or actual domestic violence?  Has the youth witnessed fighting at school?  Has the youth witnessed kids or teachers being a victim to threats of harm or actual harm?  Has the youth witnessed harmful crimes, such as robberies, shootings, stabbings, or rape?  Does the youth feel safe at home, at school, and in the community?  Has the youth been a victim of any of the above

0 –   No evidence that action is needed.  Youth has not witnessed any violence.

1 –   Let’s watch/wait.  Youth has witnessed occasional fighting or mild violence.  This exposure has been limited.

2 –   Help is needed.  Youth has experienced family, school and/or community violence on several occasions, or was a direct victim of a non-life threating act of violence.  Youth has witnessed a person close to them harmed due to violence.

3 –   Help is needed now/immediately.  Youth has witnessed or experienced “severe” violence.  Youth has witnessed the death of another person due to violence.  Youth has experienced ongoing effects due to another person being injured from violence, which has left the person incapacitated.